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Kiwi® Vacuum Delivery System

A Complete Vacuum Delivery System to Assist in Fetal Delivery

The Kiwi Complete Vacuum Delivery System is designed to give control back to the physician. Whatever your preference or needs are, the Kiwi family of products offers a vacuum to meet them.

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The Kiwi Complete Vacuum Delivery System

  • PalmPump™ Technology puts complete control in the hands of a single operator
  • Traction Force Indicator measures the force exerted during traction
  • Flexible Stem enables the cup to be placed over the flexion point no matter the position of the fetal head
  • Disposable for convenience and safety
  • Low Cup Profile for ease of insertion
  • Kiwi is DEHP Free


Kiwi VAC-6000M Product Image - OmniCup

The OmniCup is the most versatile of the Kiwi vacuums. Its flexible-stem and low profile cup enable placement over the flexion point of the baby’s head no matter the fetal head position. This is vital in order to realign the head so that the smallest diameters of the fetal head are presented to the birth canal. When the OmniCup is properly placed and traction is exerted in-line with the pelvic axis, malpositions of the fetal head can be corrected.

The Omni-MT has the same great features as the OmniCup with the addition of the Traction Force Indicator. The Traction Force Indicator is designed to measure the force exerted during traction. This allows the operator to correlate tactile sensation of traction force with a visual scale, helping to reduce “pop-offs” and especially valuable for training purposes

The Omni-C is designed specifically for the confined abdominal space of C-section deliveries. Its use contributes to less blood loss, fewer extensions of the uterine incision, and fewer cervical lacerations.1 The Omni-C’s even slimmer cup profile, finger grooves and baffle filter on the inside make it the only vacuum designed specifically for use during C-section.

1 Vacuum-Assisted Delivery of the Fetal Head at Cesarean Section. R.W. McQuivey, M.D., V. LaPorte, M.D., and A. Vacca, M.D. 1st Beijing International Conference on Obstetrics and Gynecology, October 7-10 2005, Beijing, China.

The ProCup offers a soft flexible cup which expands and molds to the fetal head. Specifically for use with low occiput anterior and outlet presentations, if you prefer a rigid stem over a flexible stem then this is the vacuum for you.

Clinical Studies

Operative vaginal delivery

Operative vaginal delivery: clinical appraisal of a new vacuum extraction device

   Prospective Observational Study

A Prospective Observational Study of 1000 Vacuum Assisted Deliveries With the OmniCup Device

Vacuum-assisted delivery

Vacuum-assisted delivery: a review

Improving patient outcomes

Vacuum-assisted delivery; Improving patient outcomes and protecting yourself against litigation

Reducing the risks of vacuum delivery

Reducing the risks of vacuum delivery

sacral hand wedge

The “sacral hand wedge”: a cause of arrest of descent of the fetal head during vacuum assisted delivery

An analysis of traction force

Vacuum-assisted delivery: An analysis of traction force and maternal neonatal outcomes

Hand Pump

Clinical Evaluation of a “Hand Pump” Vacuum Delivery Device


Kiwi 5 Step Vacuum Technique Video
Kiwi Vacuum-Assisted Delivery at Cesarean Section Video

Ordering Information


Part Number Description Units/Box
VAC-6000ME OmniCup- Flexible stem, low-profile cup for safe and effective use in all fetal head positions 5/box
VAC-6000MTE OmniCup- Same as above WITH Traction Force Indicator to measure the force exerted during traction 5/box
VAC-6000S ProCup-Rigid stem, soft flexible cup designed for use with low occiput anterior 5/box
VAC-6000C OmniCup- Flexible stem, extra-low profile designed specifically designed for use in C-sections 5/box